Love is the essential element for all spiritual healing.  It is a force that creates a connection or conduit through which divine healing can flow.  Love is oneness, and oneness is a connection to all things.  Traditional water ritual is called “Itz Ku” in the Mayan tradition and I’m honored to share this sacred healing ritual I learned from my teachers in Belize who learned it over the course of many years working alongside an amazing legendary Maya shaman.

Through the use of plants collected with prayer prior to the appointment, blessed water, copal incense and a ritual which includes prayers (personalized for the client’s faith) into the pulses, the Maya believe that “spiritual ailments” can be released from the body and auric field.

These spiritual ailments include “susto” (fright), “pesar” (grief), “tristeza” (long-term sadness), “coraje” (anger), “el ojo/ojo caliente” (hot eye), “mal ojo” (evil eye), and “envidia” (envy, jealousy).  Although spiritual baths are especially lovely when done outdoors in nature, they can be adapted indoors when the weather does not permit a full bath outdoors.

Especially when there is emotional armoring, water ritual is best done integrated with an abdominal bodywork treatment.  If it will be done outside in the warmer months, please bring a swimsuit and beach towel.

Water Ritual at Poolside