Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist

“Karen is a sweet spirit with exceptional skills. She is able to “read” the needs of your body and massages the muscles to relaxation and wellness. Karen is current and relevant in her business. She truly integrates wellness strategies and techniques to create a total body and mind wellness program. She is the utmost professional, explaining exactly what she is doing and how it will help your particular needs. She puts you at ease with her gentle and kind manner. I highly recommend Karen. She is truly the best.” ~ Bonnie W.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist

“Karen is the “Bob Ross” of Massage Therapy. She teaches you what she is learning about your body, she can identify what she is feeling as she is working and making guidance recommendations to try creating small changes to your routine to help you help yourself. I also enjoyed her work space too, a calming environment that allows for a deeper state of recovery.
My body told her where my muscles were weak so that she could make sure I had some resources for strengthening those areas. I’m a busy Mom but I deal with back & sciatica issues. Her gentleness reminded me that I can learn and not feel awful that I need to take better care of myself. Care should be spelled Kare on her table. Just like Bob Ross, careful but concisely helping people learn to paint and not stress you out about it. Karen helps you understand what and why you are feeling things without judgement nor guilt. That’s Kare!” ~ Melanie D.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist

“I feel very confident that Karen can meet whatever pain, discomfort, or need for relaxation you may have with her incredible intuition, skill, presence, and genuine interest in your well-being. Karen has a wide breadth of knowledge and shares it not only with her hands, but also in understandable explanations and her teaching of self-care strategies for home. This last step is so often missed in most bodywork that I’ve received but is incredibly empowering and shows her dedication to your wellness. Thank you Karen!” ~ Cindy E.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“After my hysterectomy, I was in significant pain and experiencing stomach problems, such as acid reflux and indigestion. My doctor had recommended that I get an abdominal massage, which is how I found Karen Asbury; the most experienced Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage specialist in Vancouver. After a few sessions my pain and stomach problems were gone, and I’m feeling great! I highly recommend Karen, as she is very kind, compassionate and professional at what she does. I was blessed to find her! Thank you Karen.” ~ Nelly M.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Unlike any massage I’ve had, and every time I go it’s a bit different. Karen focuses on finding out what you need; talking to you and assessing your body before she jumps in. She uses a combination of techniques to soothe your body and soul. You’ll leave with self care tips and a new lease on life.” ~ Jodi B.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen REALLY knows what she is doing. I could tell that she was very present and totally in tune with what was going on with my body as she masterfully worked out all the kinks and knots in my muscles. She also gave me great advice on things to work on at home for after care and continuing self care. I honestly think she is a massage master. I cannot wait to go back again!” ~ Jaimie E.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“I went in with a painful back, I was hobbling around and could barely stand up straight. After my treatment, I felt like a new woman. Karen’s a skilled massage therapist and I felt immediately better. Her studio is lovely and she does an excellent job of making you feel comfortable, attended to, and welcome. I highly recommend her.” ~ Breanna H.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“The Best Massage Therapist EVER! Though I have had numerous massage therapists provide bodywork during the past 30 years, Karen Asbury is DEFINITELY the best! Her traditional skill set allowed me to relax and brought much needed relief from the discomfort caused by an ankle injury in 2014 and 2018. For the first time in years, I was able to walk with complete stability and pain erased! Thank you, Karen! In addition to the expected training of a massage therapist, she adds several more bodywork modalities. What I didn’t expect was that Karen’s advanced training in Mayan Abdominal Massage would align my digestion. That was an unexpected bonus!” ~ Kathy B.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“As a professional dancer of 20 years, I’d received hundreds of massages. Regular bodywork to maintain maximum functioning and to prevent and recover from injury was part of my job. After having children, I’d had maybe 2 in 4 years and my body was a hot mess. Karen was so wonderful at gently getting my body back into alignment. I felt amazing during my session and finally like myself again after. I can’t recommend her enough. A true professional and a heartfelt advocate of women’s health and wellbeing.” ~ Daniele S.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“I’m 36 weeks pregnant and had been struggling with sciatic pain and acid reflux my whole journey. Not only did Karen help relieve my pain, but she gave me helpful techniques and stretches to do at home. I really enjoyed my experience and hope to encourage other pregnant women to give it a try!!” ~ Rachelle T.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“First of all, Karen’s space is beautiful and comfortable. But most importantly, Karen is freaking awesome at what she does. I have had a lot of bodywork done in my life and she is the real deal. She really understood my body and helped relieve pain. I know that the process of relieving pain can sometimes be painful… but not with Karen. She just took such good care of me, helped me feel safe and I felt great leaving. I recommend her to all of my clients, especially those needing abdominal work.” ~ Karen K.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen is a gifted massage therapist. After months of chronic shoulder pain that was beginning to extend to other areas of my body I finally began to feel some relief after one visit with Karen. I could feel a deep relaxation and release within the first few moments of being on her table. By the end of the visit, I felt more relaxed, connected, and grounded than I had felt in months. The pain began to subside and I could tell that the way I carried myself had structurally changed after the session. I know Karen’s work will be an important part of the process of healing this injury. As a patient, I have found that Karen has a wonderful combination of both technical and intuitive massage skills. She is a nurturer and a deep listener which informs her bodywork. As a practitioner who refers to her, I know that I can trust Karen to not only help patients but make them feel relaxed and comfortable in her space.”
Dr. Jaymie Mackler, ND LAc

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“I recently had a virtual Arvigo abdominal self-massage session with Karen. It was spectacular! Everything was organized and thorough. Karen was attuned to what I needed and she set the expectation ahead of time. Her instructions during and after the session were clear and easy to follow. My body was grateful for the love. She is a kind and gentle guide. Her compassion and skill are evident.” ~ Heather B.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage TherapistI have endometriosis and I am always searching for new ways to combat pain. I found out about Arvigo massage through a blog post and immediately found Karen as my best local option! I had no idea what to expect but am open to anything. Karen was very communicative about the process and my expectations/questions. She taught me some skills I can use on a daily basis at home and also has other tips and tricks for painful periods. I have appreciated our relationship and the support she offers. I have also gotten a full body massage from her as well and highly highly recommend Karen for all your muscle tension needs. Her space is very inviting and homey and I always feel very relaxed. ~ Madison M.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen is the best! It would take me 3 sessions with another practitioner to get the same results Karen provides in just 1. She is incredibly intuitive and listens to your needs. My reoccurring knee and back pain is getting better without medicine and my headaches and neck stiffness are gone thanks to her. She has a variety of techniques that can help just about anyone heal.”~ Alex O.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist

“I had an amazing experience with Karen working on several of my issues. I was recently diagnosed with flat polyps and she was able to work on my abdomen helping soothe my discomfort and teach me how to help myself. Amongst a wonderful body massage, adjusting my poor posture (I might be standing a tiny bit taller now) and using cupping techniques. I highly recommend Karen, speak with her and she will listen.” ~ Erin J.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“I came to know Karen through a somewhat emergency situation where I had some damage from moving heavy furniture. She calmly assessed the situation, collaborated on the treatment, and started working her magic. I’ve been to see many different holistic health practitioners through the years, many many massage therapists, and have a familiarity with the range of services offered. What I really love about Karen is her ability to balance biology and muscle placement with more of a spiritual or guided active healing. She didn’t feel too woo, or too clinical. The first thing she asked before treatment was for a word of intention, which I thought was a nice touch. She’s built out a beautiful space to do her work and I appreciate it all the thoughtful touches from local products to cultivating the beautiful space. Each of my sessions was followed up with some suggested exercises which I felt was a nice bonus to the work that she did.” ~ Rachel H.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen is a skilled healer and bodywork master, providing a dynamic, comfortable, professional experience. The space is warm, inviting and artfully appointed with work from local artists. She is a good listener and offers suggestions to help you meet your health goals. She also offers a high quality selection of locally made body products that are fantastic. Treat yo self – get the tea, deodorant, the bath bomb and the rollerball- it’s all fantastic. Highly recommend if you are looking for a deeply relaxing, highly personalized and skillfully delivered massage therapy experience.” ~ Robert F.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“I found Karen Asbury in the midst of a traumatic diagnosis, Asherman’s Syndrome, also known as uterine adhesions. Her serene and innovative massage sanctuary (converted from once an aircraft hangar), was a safe and soft space to land all of my emotional trauma and physical injuries. As well as, a welcoming space to prepare me for an extremely critical surgery to preserve my fertility. As I am looking back on my surgery, it went incredibly smooth, and was essentially pain free with the assistance of Karen’s naprapathic experience and skills. At my sessions she prepared and primed my uterus for the surgery with Arvigo Maya Massage, a technique that opens the flow of blood, lymph, nerve, and energy. After her massages I feel very calm, peaceful, and an overall sense of well-being. The “twinge-y” pain that was in my lower abdomen is now non-existent. And, I have a new found love for my body. In addition, she taught me techniques like self-care massages and steaming, so I could prepare myself immediately before the surgery and have the tools necessary for self-care post-surgery. I am a witness to Karen Asbury’s miraculous gift of healing. And I am forever grateful that the universe led me to her. ~ Lauren G.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“As a Chiropractic Physician it is imperative that I seek the best professionals in the bodywork field so I can better refer my patients. Karen is a seasoned professional in her field with unique International training that is unlike any other I have personally experienced. My personal session was a Holistically releasing experience, I’m definitely recommending her to my patients, friends and family!” ~ Dr. Gloria A.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage TherapistKaren is a great resource to me as a physical therapist specializing in women’s health. Her amazing techniques and advanced training in the abdomen and breast tissue allows her to provide valuable and essential care to help people through phases of their lives or if they are recovering from certain procedures. I am grateful for her exquisite presence in the community. I highly recommend checking out the unique and highly skilled treatments she provides. ~ Gillian S., PT

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen has an incredible healing touch and a beautiful, welcoming space! I enjoyed an abdominal massage, and I admit to being nervous about it at first. But it was amazing! I felt lighter and more comfortable than I had in a long time. Go see her as soon as you can!” ~ Kristen R.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen is an excellent massage therapist who offers clients a number of techniques to help them stay healthy. Her studio is a warm and inviting place and I felt like an honored guest. Since I have a number of creaky parts and I am a person of size, it can be difficult to find a massage therapist who can adapt her practice to meet my needs. Karen is very good about asking for feedback and listens both to me and to my body. She begins each session by asking me what my goal is for this treatment in order to set my intention and help her structure the best mix of techniques to help me move and feel better. And whether it is to “make me less grumpy” or to help with hip pain, Karen manages to find the treatment for each session. Right after I took a big fall and broke my ankle, Karen did a Reiki treatment and it help calm my jangled nerves do that I could focus on healing. I’m grateful and lucky to find such a good therapist who lives near me. I highly recommend her services.” ~ K

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“Karen was referred to me from the M.O.B. (Mom Owned Businesses) Page locally. I had a pulled QL, and right away she decided to schedule me, even though she didn’t usually work at that time. Her space is nestled in a quiet spot on her property that has a beautiful, warm and inviting healing ambiance. We discussed my issues, and she assessed me. I immediately felt very safe and relaxed in her presence. She started at my feet, standing, which I’ve never had done before. In minutes I could feel a shift in my body. The table work was gentle, yet thorough and very detailed, in terms of how she moved across the areas that were flared up. No broad strokes here or grinding into my muscles. She took her time, listened to me and my body, and when I got off the table I felt a lot of release. She made sure to follow all the safety protocols right now during covid, gave me wonderful samples of things I could use on my body to help with the healing process afterward, and she followed up with me the next day to see how I was feeling. The real shift happened for me the next day, when I woke up and felt almost completely relieved of what was going on in my body. The next few days as Integrated, I was back to a balanced stable sense of well-being. I have and will continue to see her. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the care, attention, and intuitive healing she brings, in addition to the practical and logistical process of massage. She is a healer and a nurturer and 100% professional!” ~Jennifer A

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“As a massage therapist myself, I have a lot of options where to get a massage. I keep going back to see Karen Asbury because she is an excellent practitioner. Her massage studio is a well curated, peaceful space filled with beautiful art and gentle music. The bathroom is well lit and impeccably clean. The massage table is pleasantly heated and covered in soft linens. Karen is a highly skilled practitioner with a fluidity of understanding how to apply her many styles of bodywork in one session customized to the needs of the person on any given day. I have received her abdominal therapy, craniosacral therapy as well as full body relaxation massage. Other times we have focused on some specific ache or pain which she has helped with hands on techniques and wise suggestions for self care or stretches/exercises I can do at home. Her skills are a boon to this new mother- she even has a history of attending births and teaching birth preparation classes. And I appreciate her safety procedures during the pandemic.” ~ Megan P.

Five Star Reviews for Karen Asbury Massage Therapist“I highly recommended Karen and have sent many of my own patients to her for bodywork. She is caring, passionate, and knowledgeable. She is very respectful of your comfort levels and really listens to what your needs are. She is very intuitive and really knew what my body needed. Her space is very cozy and comfortable. We are all lucky to have such a talented bodyworker in Vancouver.”
Dr. Cassi Long, DC

I have collected many more stories of healing from clients over the years. Please reach out if you have questions about whether my work may help relieve certain symptoms or if there may be any contraindications to receiving bodywork. I will also review your electronic health intake before your visit.