“The Best Massage Therapist EVER!  Though I have had numerous massage therapists provide bodywork during the past 30 years, Karen Asbury is DEFINITELY the best!  Her traditional skill set allowed me to relax and brought much needed relief from the discomfort caused by an ankle injury in 2014 and 2018. For the first time in years, I was able to walk with complete stability and pain erased! Thank you, Karen!  In addition to the expected training of a massage therapist, she adds several more bodywork modalities. What I didn’t expect was that Karen’s advanced training in Mayan Abdominal Massage would align my digestion. That was an unexpected bonus!” ~ Kathy B.

“WOW! I do not even know where to begin. Karen is not a massage therapist. Karen is a miracle worker. She has such intention and healing powers in her hands. I went in with extreme shoulder and neck pain. She got in and found the route of the issues- which also has to do with some hip trouble I am having as well.
On top of that, she helped release some tension in the back of my head and in my jaw that has been causing me issues for years. I actually do not think I have relaxed my jaw in a decade- I did not even know what it could feel like. Self care is crucial to being a mom and a business owner. This is not a luxury, but a necessity and a top priority. I have finally set the time twice a month to see her! ~ Aria L.

“As a professional dancer of 20 years, I’d received hundreds of massages. Regular bodywork to maintain maximum functioning and to prevent and recover from injury was part of my job. After having children, I’d had maybe 2 in 4 years and my body was a hot mess. Karen was so wonderful at gently getting my body back into alignment. I felt amazing during my session and finally like myself again after. I can’t recommend her enough. A true professional and a heartfelt advocate of women’s health and wellbeing.”  ~ Daniele S.

“Karen is simply the best! From her calm demeanor to the love and care she puts in each session, I leave feeling refreshed each and every time. I highly recommend her for all types of body work, but my personal favorite is Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. Namaste!”  ~ Crystal S.

“As a Chiropractic Physician it is imperative that I seek the best professionals in the bodywork field so I can better refer my patients. Karen is a seasoned professional in her field with unique International training that is unlike any other I have personally experienced. My personal session was a Holistically releasing experience, I’m definitely recommending her to my patients, friends and family!” ~ Dr. Gloria

“Unlike any massage I’ve had, and every time I go it’s a bit different. Karen focuses on finding out what you need; talking to you and assessing your body before she jumps in. She uses a combination of techniques to soothe your body and soul. You’ll leave with self care tips and a new lease on life.”  ~ Jodi B.

“Karen REALLY knows what she is doing. I could tell that she was very present and totally in tune with what was going on with my body as she masterfully worked out all the kinks and knots in my muscles. She also gave me great advice on things to work on at home for after care and continuing self care. I honestly think she is a massage master. I cannot wait to go back again!”  ~ Jaimie E.

“Karen greeted me for my first time with the warmest welcome and a very calming demeanor. The space was clean and inviting and I could tell that to Karen I wasn’t just another client but an opportunity to pour her heart and soul into. Karen has definitely found her calling in doing such deep, restorative work. I can absolutely see why so many have given her such raving reviews! She is extraordinary! Highly recommend! You won’t find someone who makes you feel more safe or relaxed!”  ~ Rachel M.

“I went in with a painful back, I was hobbling around and could barely stand up straight. After my treatment, I felt like a new woman. Karen’s a skilled massage therapist and I felt immediately better. Her studio is lovely and she does an excellent job of making you feel comfortable, attended to, and welcome. I highly recommend her.”  ~ Breanna H.

“I recently was fortunate enough to receive a massage from Karen. I have never had the impact of a massage last so many days afterwards! I started off explaining to Karen about how I hold a lot of tension between my shoulder blades and she did work that area but also explained how it’s connected over my shoulder and to the front of my arm. She worked that area really well as well and I can now pick up my son with no pain! I am just amazed by her super calm and genuine way of connecting and her knowledge of the human body makes her super talented at helping people right where they need it. She is a true healer. And I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!”  ~ Krissie L.

“Karen is a calm and gentle healer. She could tell my shoulder bothered me before she even touched me. Knowledgeable and kind she gave me a brief massage and I slept better that night than I had in months. Will be returning for more…guaranteed!”  ~ Chelsea D.

“Karen is such a wonderful soul who takes the time to talk to you to find out how she can best help you. I had my first session with her today and I can tell you that it was the first of what will be many! I loved how tranquil the treatment room was which helped me feel right at home. She certainly exceeded my expectation and hours later I am still feeling the calm rhythm that my body has been in since our session. I would highly recommend Karen and look forward to when I can get back to see her again.”  ~ CJ

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Karen’s work for several years. Her body work is effective that I drive from Aloha up to Vancouver to enjoy her healing touch. I highly recommend her.”  ~ Deanna B.

“Karen is AMAZING! I was blessed to receive a massage from her not too long ago. As a former LMP myself, I thought it would be hard to actually let go and relax. Instead, it was so easy and Karen worked serious magic. I almost fell asleep and I walked out feeling like a brand new person. The environment she facilities is incredible, and she really pays attention to you and your body. I cannot say enough good things!!”  ~ Sarah A.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my recent massage. I loved that Karen worked on aligning my feet because it truly made a difference in my aching knees and low back. In addition to my body feeling better, my mind felt more peaceful as well.  Karen touches with an understanding of how body and mind work together and I left relaxed and renewed.” ~ Gayle W.

“Karen is absolutely the best in the industry! She really takes the time to get to know her clients and their needs. She can just look at you and knows where the stress points are and really focuses on your overall health and well-being. I highly recommend her!!!”  ~ Tamara B.

“Karen is so amazing! I have been going to her for about 5 yrs now! Karen’s thirst for continued healing knowledge and making her massage room a relaxing space has made my sessions so wonderful.  I must add that I have the best night’s sleep after my massages.”  ~ Jan G.

“Loved my massage from Karen! She is so knowledgable about women’s bodies and extremely intuitive. I can’t wait for my next massage!”  ~ Rayah

“Karen is the best! It would take me 3 sessions with another practitioner to get the same results Karen provides in just 1. She is incredibly intuitive and listens to your needs. My reoccurring knee and back pain is getting better without medicine and my headaches and neck stiffness are gone thanks to her. She has a variety of techniques that can help just about anyone heal.” ~ Alex O.

“Karen is an excellent massage therapist who offers clients a number of techniques to help them stay healthy. Her studio is a warm and inviting place and I felt like an honored guest. Since I have a number of creaky parts and I am a person of size, it can be difficult to find a massage therapist who can adapt her practice to meet my needs. Karen is very good about asking for feedback and listens both to me and to my body.  She begins each session by asking me what my goal is for this treatment in order to set my intention and help her structure the best mix of techniques to help me move and feel better. And whether it is to “make me less grumpy” or to help with hip pain, Karen manages to find the treatment for each session. Right after I took a big fall and broke my ankle, Karen did a Reiki treatment and it help calm my jangled nerves do that I could focus on healing.   I’m grateful and lucky to find such a good therapist who lives near me. I highly recommend her services.” ~ KB

“I have been going to massage therapists for about 20 years. I’ve been in several accidents and my mom taught me to trust natural medicine more than modern. That being said, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with all kinds of massage therapists for several different reasons. Most of them being tightened muscles from injuries and stress. I recently had a short visit with Karen to experience a nice relaxing massage,and let me tell you…. In only 30 minutes, she found problem areas I didn’t even know I had, massaged them out and by the time she was done I felt relaxed and a little taller even… I highly recommend Karen,and would put her in my top favorite massage therapists of all time and will definitely be scheduling with her again for a full massage and telling everyone I know about my wonderful experience.”  ~ Krista J.

“I had my first massage ever with Karen this last December. Her professionalism and attention to detail are excellent. She explained the reason for every procedure, and even gave me exercises for home. Due to Parkinson’s, I don’t venture out as much, but I felt totally relaxed in her care. She takes the time to understand the whole patient, not just attend to a specific ache.”  ~ Jeanette M.

“I just had a session with Karen and I feel like I have an entirely new neck. She paid special attention to every single muscle, loosening them and showing them all love. My neck is so much less stiff, stronger, and my head feels pounds lighter. She helped loosen my shoulders as well, not only through massage, but deep stretching as well.”  ~ Katie G.

“Karen is amazing. not only is she very professional and kind, she is so informed. I am always blown away of the things she is knowledgeable in. she was the first one who noticed the issue with my feet. she has helped so much with the adhesions I have, let alone help align my body. The environment is so relaxing. She is flexible and goes the extra mile always.” ~ Chris J.

“Karen is a fantastic healer. I felt right at home in her space, at ease, and able to discuss painful life traumas. Her treatments were wonderful! I left feeling relaxed and centered. I highly recommend her.”  ~ Arin A.

“I have been seeing Karen for massage for many years. She helped me recover from a car accident and now she helps me care for myself and ease the strain of my very physically demanding job. Beyond body work, her intuitive and nurturing care also helps me restore balance to my energetic self.”  ~ Julia H.