On my intake forms and in my treatment room, I care about all aspects of your well-being and understand that the physical, mental, and emotional parts of ourselves are interwoven.  The most powerful healing sessions are the ones where a client is open to healing on all levels.

It became clear to me on a trip to Belize, Central America, for continuing education with my mentor, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, that I need to treat emotional/spiritual health more in my sessions because I believe they are at the root of much of the stress and tension I’ve been treating in physical form…


In first-world American culture, we have gotten so used to sirens, honking horns, and too much technology that most of us are living in a constant state of “susto” (fright) with chronically elevated cortisol levels (that compromises our immune systems, causes inflammation, weight gain and more).  Another common ailment is “pesar” (grief), which could come from many types of loss.  Taking time to slow down and be with our breath, elements of nature, and the divine connection is a profoundly healing gift and a great way of regulating our nervous system.

Whether the traumas you’ve experienced are small or large, I strive to provide a safe space for healing. I also adjust the therapeutic environment and the pressure from my hands to ensure your comfort at all times. Emotional releases are common, especially with abdominal work, and are completely normal.

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I had a traumatic experience that left me feeling scattered and broken. With the help of Karen’s peaceful approach, and intuitive care, I am myself again, feeling healed and at peace.

~ Sheila J.

Traditional water ritual “Itz Ku” in the Mayan tradition is adapted with prayers to suit each client’s own faith.  Love is the essential element for all Spiritual Healing.  It is a force that creates a connection or conduit through which divine healing can flow.  Love is oneness, and oneness is a connection to all things. Through the use of plants collected with prayer (prior to the appointment), blessed water, copal incense and a ritual which includes prayers (personalized for the client’s faith) into the pulses, the Maya believe that “spiritual ailments” can be released from the body and auric field.

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Reiki is an energy therapy, most often utilized through hands-on healing, where I transfer positive healing energy through the power of touch. It can also be directed from inches away from the body or even long-distance. It is channeled by the practitioner for a client’s well-being, providing healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

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