Karen Asbury Massage Therapist

Going to massage therapy school was one of the very best decisions I ever made, and I’m a proud 2010 graduate of East West College in Portland, Oregon.

My purpose is to support people in connecting with their own bodies and their true spirit, reclaiming their natural power for healing.

I have been on a path of service for a long time. From volunteering as a teenager, through raising two children (who are now young adults) with my husband, I have experienced growth through each stage of life. My family and I enjoy the outdoors and the beauty nature presents.

I have become stronger and more capable of holding a safe container for others, especially through serving as a birth doula prior to massage school more than a decade ago. I recognize my privilege and I’m an ally… yes, with the name Karen!

I offer the art of human touch with an invitation to slow down and connect with your belly and breathe…allowing you to connect with your peace and release what doesn’t serve you.

I work primarily with women, as well as trans and non-binary individuals. I am especially excited to work with folks who are motivated to avoid abdominal surgeries that may be unnecessary (such as a hysterectomy to alleviate the symptoms of a uterus that is displaced) and interested to explore natural alternatives. I value making a positive impact and have fun teaching my clients empowering self care.



  • Trauma-Informed Massage Practice, Shantika Bernard, LMT, PhD Somatic Psychology
  • Ortho-Bionomy: Releases for the Breath, Melissa Malm, LMT
  • Rooted Movement Trunk: Techniques for Core & Psoas Balance, Aaron Gustafson, LMT
  • Craniosacral 2, East West College, Cyr Zeeberg-Foote, LMT
  • Abdominal Therapy Collective: Wisdom of Water Plants & Prayer 2, Belize, Central America, Rosita Arvigo, DN & Eva Sengfelder, LMT
  • Introduction to Lymphatic Balancing @ AMTA-Washington Convention, Renton, WA, Jack Ryan, LMT with D’Ambrogio Institute
  • CPR, First Aid & AED for the LMT, Tianne Curtis, LMT
  • Emotional Releases, PTSD & Anxiety and Client Guided Massage, PNW Healing Arts Education, Lori Elise Kroh, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Advanced Pregnancy Training: Supporting Pregnancy From Pre-conception through Postpartum Period, Amy Colo, CPM, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Teaching Assistant for Anterior Techniques for Self & Others
  • Cupping for Massage Therapists, Rachael Scott, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Teacher Training, Diane MacDonald, RN & Amanda Porter, LMT
  • Ethics and Communication Workshop | PNW Healing Arts Education, Lori Elise Kroh, LMT


  • Craniosacral Therapy for Infants, Carol Gray, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Professional Care Training, Jennifer O’Hagan, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Teaching Assistant for Self Care Workshop, Barbara Loomis, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Advanced Clinical Skills Certification, Belize, Central America, Rosita Arvigo, DN & Cathy Lipsky, LMT
  • Arvigo Institute, Traditional Maya Healing Approaches for Body, Mind and Spirit: Introduction Workshop, Eva Sengfelder, LMT
  • AMTA-WA Convention, Full Chest and Breast Massage, Barbara Helynn Heard, LMT and Aubrey Lesicki, LMT
  • Breast Remedy & New School of Bodywork Advancement, Breast Care and Breast Massage for Lactation, Aubrey Lesicki, BS LMT


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Linfield College
  • Massage Therapy Program, East West College of the Healing Arts
  • Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Brenda Carolan, LMT of Denderah Healing Arts
  • Arvigo Institute, Self Care, Corrina Porterfield, MS
  • Subtle Hands-on Skills, Carol Gray, LMT
  • Cranial Base and it’s Links to the Hard Palate and Facial Bones, Carol Gray LMT,
  • Myofascial Study Group, Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT
  • Thai Massage for the Table, Jonathan Primack, LMT
American Massage Therapy Association Member