REIKI (pronounced ray-key)

Reiki is an energy therapy, most often utilized through hands-on healing, where I channel divine healing energy through the power of touch. It can also be directed from inches away from the body or even long-distance. Reiki can do no harm and is for a client’s well-being, providing healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

I have been practicing since 2003 and have been an Usui Reiki Master and Teacher since 2009, just prior to starting to massage school. Reiki has been a wonderful foundation to build my bodywork practice and is also a cherished part of my life.

Reiki flows through my hands during any session that the client is open to healing on all levels, and especially when Reiki is requested.

Reiki healing from Karen Asubury, LMT Vancouver, WA near Portland, OR

Quote Marks for Reviews

“Karen’s gentle touch had a profound impact in releasing old blocks around my pelvis. I was surprised how quickly her fingers could “read” my body and know just what spots needed work. I felt at ease and in safe hands, and I believe she is a true healer at heart-with heart.”

Tracie H