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Initial 2 hours: $189 (includes consultation, castor oil pack unless contraindicated, choice of massage oils and aromatherapy, Arvigo® bodywork treatment, and self care instruction with guided hands-on practice and worksheets to take home).

One hour 15 minute follow-up: $115 (A complete Arvigo® treatment that addresses the needs of most and includes a few minutes of neck and shoulder massage and review of self-care.)

One hour 30 minute follow-up: $139 (This amount of time could allow for including special techniques for uterine retroversion or pregnancy from weeks 20-37)

One hour 45 minute follow-up: $165 (This amount of time could allow for including Ready Set Go techniques for pregnancy weeks 38+ or an herbal vaginal steam (if not pregnant or menstruating on the day of appointment).

Two hour follow-up: $189 (This amount of time could allow for an Arvigo® bodywork treatment along with spiritual bathing, although is best scheduled at the end of the day to allow for flexibility in being unrushed.)


One hour 15 minutes: $99

One hour 30 minutes: $119

One hour 45 minutes: $139

Two hours: $159

All of the above appointments include time for consultation about your needs, bodywork treatment, and choice of massage oils and aromatherapy. There is no additional charge to include cupping, heat packs or upgraded oils. Tipping is not expected at these fair rates of exchange.   Please note: Less than 24 hours cancellation notice will result in a 50% charge.