Specializing in women's abdominal health, massage that is as nurturing as it is restorative.  You deserve the kindness you so freely give to others.

What might be possible for you if your body, mind and spirit were peaceful and relaxed?    Caring for yourself may be the best thing you do today, and I am here to support you in health and healing, including abdominal wellness and self-care.


Are you stressed and looking for a way to slow down to reverse the negative effects of stress in your life?  Are you in pain, or feeling exhausted, and know that you're spending a lot of energy compensating for tension and restrictions in your body?  Would you like to improve the health of your digestive and/or reproductive system?

These things cost us time and money and they separate us from being able to be present for the ones we love.

At each session, I customize a nurturing treatment just for you after doing both a visual and kinesthetic assessment.  I listen with my hands and my intuition to help me know where you need help and along with your breath, we create release.

I went to see Karen for a persistent pain in my hip that I had had for around 10 years, and which had not responded well to other therapies.  After one session with her I was amazed to find the pain mostly gone and to have a range of motion that I hadn't had for the entire 10 years.

Sierra A.